The Mega Slice

I decided to go find a new place for food on the way home tonight and took a detour up Market street for a few blocks.

I think this might be the biggest slice I have ever seen!  I didn’t finish it until I was a block from home.

At that point I stopped in the liquor store on Broadway and bought a quart size Racer 5 and a can of Arizona lemonade.  The clerk put them in a bag for me and within two steps out the door the bag gave way and the beer smashed all over the sidewalk.

Luckily they let me grab a replacement.  (The lemonade was fine.)

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Shrieks of Horror!

I step outside my building at lunch time today and immediately smell the most wonderful aroma.
And I realized it smells like BBQ sauce.
Then it hits me, THE RIB TRUCK MUST BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes it was!  Yay!
But as I step farther out side and look down the street my next thought was “You have got to be kidding!” when I saw this line which I was certain was for the rib truck (you only see the portion that was on the sidewalk here, it continued around the corner and into the alley).
Today was not the best day for me to be away from my desk for an extended period but I had promised myself I would eat at the rib truck next time it showed up, so line be damned, I am waiting!
35 minutes later I finally placed my order.
This alley now has a name, The Truck Stop.  The sign tells you which trucks are here each day.  Sorry Hapa SF and Mama’s Empanadas, The Rib Whip is the King of the Food Trucks!
There is not a lot of space in this alley.  But it looks like the food trucks learned the the rib truck needs to be the one on the outside so that their throngs of customers have room to make an orderly line like there was today.  Last time it was the middle truck and they could have taken an overhead picture of the alley that day and published it in Webster’s next to “Clusterfuck”.  (The scaffolding overhead is for work being done on the building on the right.  It will be nice when they are done so this alley won’t feel so dark anymore.)
Suddenly there was a chorus of groans and moans and ever a couple of shrieks of horror! 
Did someone get hit by a car?  No, the order taker had just crossed out the Kobe Brisket Sandwich.  Sold out.  You would have thought he had just killed a puppy by the reaction.  (I think I know what I will have to order next time.)
I had the pulled pork sandwich and the baked beans.  “Burnt ends” are the burnt ends of the ribs as they grill them that they then throw into the baked beans. 
So how was it?  It very well may have been the best lunch I ever had!  Certainly in a long long time.  And there was no doubt those were the best baked beans I have ever had.  They had a newspaper article posted on the side of the truck, that I read while waiting for my food.  The guy who owns the truck is St. Louis, definitely one of the BBQ capitals of the country, and he brought his recopies out here.
Looking over at the other trucks, Mama’s Empanadas (foreground) looks a bit light on customers, but Hapa SF (background) had a pretty nice crowd.  I don’t know what “Hapa” is, but the signage on truck said “Organic Pilipino Cuisine”.
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Another day in The City

I love this hot sauce guide provided at a nearby taco restaurant.  I tested out the Orange Habanero and decided the wise thing to so was to stick to the Red Chili.  I would love to see someone attempt the Dark Oil, but that someone will not be me.

My first thought upon seeing “Anglo Bank Building” was “A bank for white people?”  I briefly tried to find out more about its history, but all I really found out is that there used to be several banks in SF with “Anglo” in the title.  As you can see now the building no longer houses an Anglo bank, rather an Asian one, the Far East National Bank.


I am always fascinated by the diagonal crossings on Montgomery Street.  Here is one of the tri-walk/don’t walk signs that I am guessing you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

My camera fits in my pocket.  The lens on this guy’s camera was the size of my arm.  Best idea I can come up with for what he is doing is maybe it has x-ray vision and he is checking out the girls across the street.

When you are walking past the Pyramid and suddenly four fire engines converge on you the first thought is to look up and check for flames shooting out the windows.  When I could detect no evidence of a real life towering inferno I switched back to “What should I have for dinner” mode and continued on my way.

You’re killing me?  What am I supposed to demand?!

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